British Computer Society: Upper Canada Division

Last night my wife and I briefly visited the British Computer Society: Upper Canada Division : sadly I missed the talk on virtualisation by Frank Boesche (of PwC)  because of prior meal commitment, but I met a good group of people: in addition to Frank, Lu Lahodynskyi (of, Stuart Anderson (of Ontario Pension Board) and Asim Aqbal (of Albert White Technologies).

I was lucky to recall Stuart’s name. I’d entered him into my Palm Treo 650 but didn’t remember any details.  I have several hundred name entries but PalmOs provides no means to recall the entries by date or photo. Fortunately in this case I’d written BCS in the notes field next to Stuart’s name.

The BCS are very popular in the UK but less known in Canada. I suspect most Canadian IT professionals join an American society. I’m not  aware of a Canadian one.

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