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Cross posting here in case someone at MacSpeech deletes my non-fan comment on their Facebook fan page:

MacSpeech - Articles - Press Releases - First Upgrade - MacSpeech Dictate 1.5 Ships Source: – Exciting First Upgrade to MacSpeech Dictate Provides a New Vocabulary Editor, New Accent Options and Greater Accuracy Than Ever Before .

My opinion?

Not exciting. Overpriced. Broken.

I am livid that Macspeech Dictate 1.3 is broken beyond usability, that it would cost me so much to buy and ship 1.5 to Canada, and that even 1.5 is reported to be so broken.

Injury to ship beta software. Insult to demand so much for an “upgrade” that still doesn’t work. I bought in January, but the free upgrade is only if you bought in the last month…

I was looking forward to unshelving it. Looks like ebay with caveat emptor is my only option.


To which I reply:

Thanks Ray. I am glad it works for you.

Did you read “Pay an upgrade fee to get the software to work?”

Have you never had it write backward in the dictate notepad?

The technology is cool, but definitely beta quality.

Granted, if your typing is poor, it offers value. But if, like me you can type quickly, it needs a usability hike to make it usable.

1.3 and 1.5 are reported to not even work in MacOS 1.5.7.

They’ve produced 1.5.1 since 1.5. So where is 1.3.1?

Let’s do the math. I paid ~$200 for it. Upgrade is $54.95 USD, shipping to Canada: $31.06 FedEx. USD Total: 86.01 Convert to CAD: $93.77. Now add expected FedEx brokerage fee: $20. Total: 113.77

So, the beta quality software I have is worth $200-114 = $86.

Except that it doesn’t work in 10.5.7, and there is no upgrade path. So, what’s it worth?

Net loss: $200.

The protests on the MacSpeech forums are loud and clear. I sure hope MacSpeech will start listening.

What an un-Apple like experience.

I can understand charging an upgrade fee for software, but only once your product works. And MacSpeech say that they don’t do digital downloads because 1.5GB download is “too big”.

Shelfware. Sadly.

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