WikiSym 2010: Call for Papers, and Call to Industry

WikiSym 2010: Gdansk, Poland

The International Symposium on Wikis and Open Collaboration

WikiSym 2010 website
July 7-8-9 in Gdansk, Poland.

Co-located with Wikimania 2010 (Intl. Conference on Wikimedia Foundation projects, Wikimania 2010 website).

Peer-reviewed and archived in the ACM Digital Library.

Important dates

  1. March 7: Submission deadline for research papers.
  2. March 21: Submission deadline for Doctoral Symposium proposals, posters, demonstrations, workshops, panels, tutorials.
  3. May 4: Notification of acceptance for research papers.
  4. May 11: Notification of acceptance for Doctoral Symposium proposals, posters, workshops, tutorials, panels.
  5. July 7-9: WikiSym 2010!

WikiSym, the International Symposium on Wikis and Open Collaboration, will be held this summer in Gdansk, Poland. Starting this year, WikiSym aims to explicitly broaden its scope, exploring not only the thriving wiki community, but also other open movements and open collaboration initiatives. This includes related areas such as open online communities, collaborative creation of multimedia content (with or without wikis), and open journalism and publishing, just to list a few examples.

Furthermore, our goal is to establish WikiSym as a venue for the exchange of information, experiences and practices among an interdisciplinary audience, including researchers, practitioners, industry representatives and experts with a wide variety of different backgrounds.

As a result, WikiSym has established 3 complementary tracks to merge the contributions from such a diverse community:

  • Wiki track: Focused on research in wiki technology, wiki websites, wiki communities, and in general any kind of initiative pivoting around wiki software.
  • Industry track:This new track will focus on the specific needs of enterprises and private companies interested in sharing and promoting their experiences around wikis and open collaboration projects/products/initiatives.
  • Open collaboration track: This track is a dedicated venue for sharing research results and experiences in initiatives that may not be built specifically on wiki software, but share the “wiki way” of organization. These may include open collaborations, open communities, and open movements that allow the interchange of ideas and contributions from participants with a range of interests and motivations.
  • Read the rest of the entry at the WikiSym 2010 Website

    For the past two years I have held positions at WikiSym. From Demos and Posters Chair in 2008, Publicity Chair in 2009, this year I am Industry Track Chair, focusing “on the specific needs of enterprises and private companies interested in sharing and promoting their experiences around wikis and open collaboration projects/products/initiatives.”

    Unlike the call for papers, which follows academic procedures, the Industry Track takes it’s own course. I’ll be inviting a myriad of vendors to suggest topics, bring customers and participate on panels and round-tables.

    However, in the spirit of open collaboration, the more help I can get the bigger and better we can make the WikiSym 2010 Industry Track. I’ve presently a great deal of work on and I’d appreciate being able to depend on a team around me.

    So, there you go, a call for papers, industry topics and help. Come to WikiSym: it’s a great mixing pot.

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    One Response to WikiSym 2010: Call for Papers, and Call to Industry

    1. I have yet to present my Masters thesis on the impact of SME culture on Wiki success. Is this a good place to do so?

      I have yet to publish my findings and have some concerns about putting it in the public domain.

      Do you know who I could speak to about this?

      There is also the problem of getting from Melbourne Australia to Gdansk, Poland… :-)

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