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I wrote the following email to today:

I need additional help with – this is also listed on Uservoice

I have set up for my group, Toronto Knowledge Workers. I now need to provide a common navigation bar between this Meetup site and the other sites in my domain. For instance, I have and, because we trial various software, all sorts of other domains expected. I need a way to inject a lightweight menu into the Meetup site as it loads. The other systems I select are not a problem as they are typically open source.

I need a way to provide a common navigation experience from Meetup to the other sites. I don’t mind Meetup’s look and feel, but I need to add an additional navigation bar either at the top or on a side. Given your look and feel I would probably elect to have it appear on the left hand side. Naturally I would within the look and feel of your site. Our group has a good reputation and I need to preserve this.

However, your theming control is inadequate – even “Make your own theme” only lets me set colors. Your links won’t help because they 1) don’t appear in a consistent place between sites and 2) are too well hidden. makes use of Uservoice to round out its capabilities. Uservoice provides sufficient theming controls to link back to I want to do similarly.

It appears my alternative is to put a proxy ahead of, like but instead of using such an architecture for translation I’d be rewriting the HEAD block to include my javascript menu. That would be overkill relative to the simple change I hope you will make.


I’d dislike having to move from their platform as we’ve got into a rhythm using it. In these days where content is increasingly mashed up by end users sites have to be open to allowing their users to innovate and to extend their own value chain.

Sure, I can expect Meetup to learn and exploit the sites its users integrate. That’s natural. If Meetup doesn’t help with my request or indeed prohibits me from using a proxy (and indeed their terms and conditions might – I haven’t read them), I’d switch.

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