Apple did indeed get their hardware fix for Sandy Bridge in the 2011 MacBook Pro

Almost exactly 3 years ago I switched to my first Mac, buying a late 2007 MBP. I’ve been delighted with the Apple laptop experience and have been waiting ever-so-impatiently to upgrade to a 2011 MacBook Pro.

My only disappointment of the spec of this spectacular machine is that it doesn’t have a separate SSD for the OS. No problem, I figured, I’ll just externalize the optical drive using an MCE OptiBay as reported in OS X Daily, and add a HDD in its place.

Then reading the iFixIt Teardown I noted Paul Vernaza’s comments:

Initial reports are that the HD is connected to an SATA-III port and should therefore be unaffected… Unfortunately, preliminary reports indicate that the optical drive is connected to an SATA-II port, which may be affected by the Sandy Bridge bug, so I would hold off until the situation is clearer.

Which confused with Mac World :

“Earlier this year, Intel discovered problems in the chipset of Sandy Bridge processors that were shipping, but Apple vice president of worldwide Mac hardware marketing David Moody told Macworld that the company was using the latest updated versions, which corrected the flaw.”

I wanted Moody’s actual quote as I couldn’t see anyone holding MacWorld financially accountable for misinterpreting his words.

My concern was that the Sandy Bridge bug would mean the shipped configuration would work, but that swapping out the optical drive for a HDD would expose the underlying flaw: this was especially the case as Intel had said they would allow resellers to ship flawed chips as long as the flawed design wasn’t deployed. However, my OptiBay modification would be unauthorized, I’d be left holding a very expensive machine with a tiny (but surprisingly well priced) Apple 128GB SATA-II SSD.

Sure enough, iFixIt’s machine had an updated PCH Hub, eliminating some concern.

I’ll wait for MCE Technologies to 100% verify that their existing OptiBay design will work with the 2011  MacBook Pro before going out to buy the OptiBay…

For a run down of what configuration to buy, I’m following Mac Performance Guide. This includes take the SSD, HiRes+AntiGlare screen + AppleCare but get your RAM elsewhere.

I’ve not decided where to buy it from yet. Perhaps you can recommend a retailer in Toronto, Canada? Preferably someone who will do the OptiBay modification for me?

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3 Responses to Apple did indeed get their hardware fix for Sandy Bridge in the 2011 MacBook Pro

  1. MarkC says:

    MCE now say the units have been verified for 2011 Macbooks.

  2. brill says:

    So… All the flawed silicone has most likely gone into cheap windows machines… Anyone know who got a deal on sb processors?

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